For non-profits a strong brand is critical for

  • building operational capacity
  • galvanizing support
  • maintaining focus on the social mission

Strong branding helps organizations acquire financial, human, and social resources, and build key partnerships. The trust that strong brands elicit also provides organizations with the authority and credibility to deploy those resources more efficiently and flexibly than can organizations with weaker brands.

Brand becomes critical when you’re seeking to create partnerships, when you’re seeking other funders, and when you’re looking to associate yourself with people in the field. A strong brand helps bring greater credibility and trust to a project quicker, and acts as a catalyst for people to want to come to the table.

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What People Are Saying

"I hired TFB for the branding of my Natural & Organic Market. We have worked together for over a year and I am happy with their work. Highly recommended!" Tony Antoci - CEO, Erewhon